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KEOKER Valentines Day Polymer Clay Cutters (10 Shapes Studs)

KEOKER Valentines Day Polymer Clay Cutters (10 Shapes Studs)

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📱 Individual cutters available for purchase, choose from "#1, #2, #3

". To buy the complete set, please select "All Cutters".

【 Holiday Studs Clay Cutters Set 】10 valentine day clay cutters: rose clay cutter, diamond clay cutter, conversation polymer clay cutters, love heart clay earrings cutter, XO clay cutters, lips polymer clay cutter, love envelope clay cutter.
【 New Clear Cutting Design 】 polymer clay cutters for earrings are made by 3D printer, with 0.3mm±0.1mm cutting edge, providing a smoother and more comfortable cutting experience.
【 Keoker Correct Size 】Keoker Valentines polymer clay earring cutters are around 0.75 inch to 1.2 inches length. The size of the most popular small clay earrings and studs for American women. Note that the product color is pink or white and the packaging is randomly shipped.
【 Unique & Durable Design 】 Just assemble these individual earring cutters for polymer clay of different sizes and unique shapes and create the most eye-catching earrings.
【Care Instructions 】 To prevent the clay from sticking inside, we recommend use cornstarch before use. Please hand wash polymer clay cutter in warm soapy water or wipe with alcohol. Dishwasher and high heat may deform the shape.
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Customer Reviews

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Love them all but no tiny heart for studs

I love the way all of these come out except there is no tiny heart cutter included for the letter and the coffee cup studs 😱