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KEOKER Geometric Polymer Clay Cutters(10 Shapes)

KEOKER Geometric Polymer Clay Cutters(10 Shapes)

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📱 Individual cutters available for purchase, choose from "#1, #2, #3

". To buy the complete set, please select "All Cutters".
  • Perfect for Jewelry Making: These small geometric earring polymer clay cutters are essential for polymer clay earrings lovers who want to create unique and beautiful jewelry pieces.
  • Variety of Shapes: With 10 different shapes of clay earring cutters you can create a wide variety of earring designs that are sure to impress.
  • Clear Cutting Design: polymer clay cutters for earrings are made by 3D printer, with 0.4mm±0.1mm cutting edge, providing a smoother and more comfortable cutting experience.
  • Correct Size: Keoker polymer clay cutters are around 0.75 inch to 1.2 inches length. The size of the most popular small clay earrings and studs for American women. Note that the product color is pink or white and the packaging is randomly shipped.
  • Unique & Durable Design: Just assemble these individual earring cutters for polymer clay of different sizes and unique shapes and create the most eye-catching earrings.
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Great Clay Cutters

The cutters I bought did exactly what I wanted. They are great and would buy again. Thanks