Full Color Recipe

Tools Needed for Color Mix

Polymer Clay

One Clay Cutter

A Roller or Pasta Maker

Depth Guides for Roller


Step 1: If using a pasta maker, roll out each clay color

on the same setting. If using a roller, ensure each color

is rolled out to the same thickness by using depth

guides or popsicle sticks under each end of the rolling


Step 2: Using a cutter of your choice, match the

amount of parts cut to the color shown above. i.e. the

number 1 = 1 part cut, 2 = 2 parts cut.

Step 3: Mix parts by hand or by feeding through pasta

maker until all thoroughly combined to achieve the

desired color.


Tutorial for making color

See More Color

click download the KEOKER full color recipe PDF


Our Keoker polymer clay is enough to allow beginners to enjoy the fun of clay. If you want to be a polymer clay artist. We strongly recommend using the Sculpey polymer clay.